Online Documents Verification (for Non-local Students)

Non-local students are required to provide copies of entry permits, landing slips, and HKID Card (for full-time non-local students only) to the Graduate School after arriving in Hong Kong.

Online Documents Verification Procedure
After Arriving in HK
Step 1:

Submit your entry permit and landing slip


 Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to
and from Hong Kong and Macaua

 Passporta  Visit Permit for Residents of Macao to HKSARa  Landing Slipb
Mainland Students  V      V
Macao Students      V  V
Other Overseas Students    V    V
Step 2:

Apply for Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Card (for full-time non-local students)

Special Arrangements for Specific TPg programmes:

  1. For TPg programmes of the following programmes, please send the entry permit, landing slip and HKID Card directly to the Faculty/Division office concerned.
    • EMBA

    • MBA

    • JD/MBA

    • MSc in Finance

    • Master in Architecture

    • Postgraduate Certificate in Laws

  2. For TPg programmes of the Faculty of Education, please upload copies of entry permit, landing slip and HKID Card here.




  1. Identity document or travel document (e.g. Entry Permit, Passport) The document should be identical to the document stated in your application for verification purpose. The name stated therein must also be identical with that on the academic credentials. Any changes must be notarized (Sample);
  2. “Landing slip” (Sample) issued by the Immigration Department when entering Hong Kong;
  3. Hong Kong Identity Card/Acknowledgement of Application for a Hong Kong Identity Card (Sample).
Other Relevant Information

Please see the following documents for your information:

Information on how to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card